Friday, September 19, 2008


My visit with Dad was good. I don't think we spoke more than maybe 50 words the whole time though. He is the strong silent type though. I am worried about him, I have this nagging feeling I will be getting the call. You know the one, ever since I heard he was sick I have had a rock in the pit of my stomach. I am scared, through everything he is still my Daddy. Mae and I talked a good bit and I can really tell that she has changed. She was very sweet to Jayden and of course that melted my heart a little right there. So that was all good but let me tell you about what my sister did, she would shake the baby up all good and then hand him to me. I have never been covered in so much baby spit up as I was last weekend. Sis payback is a bitch and so am I. I really enjoyed spending time with Sis and Zakary. He is so funny and cute. He keep reciting blues clues episodes. He also kept telling Jayden "no sleeping in the car." He was very serious about it too. At one point he told J that he talked too much, LOL. I wanted to take him home with me. It was nice to just be around my sister, I have missed her so much. I have so many feelings and things I want to write but for some reason I just can not get them out. I am scared my Daddy is gonna die ya'll.

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Zephra said...

I'm scared too. And what is with this y'all stuff? You were only in the south for a few days.