Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday how I love Thee

So it is Monday of my first week back at work so you know that my body decided it was a grand ole time to have my period arrive. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the 10 weeks and 3 days she stayed away after Jayden was born but did she have to come today? My tummy hurts and I am irritable not the best condition to train a new person. Oh well such is life.

Yesterday after getting home I noticed Jayden had a sharp edge on one of his nails. Being the good Momma I am I decided to cut it right away so he would not hurt himself with it. I could not find the baby nail clippers so what did I use? The giant big people toe clippers. What do you think happened?? I chopped off part of his thumb and he screamed and cried. I cried and my hubby got mad. Because making me feel worse about what happened is the best way to deal with the situation of course. I cleaned it up and put a band aid on it. Not a great idea as he decided putting his thumb in his mouth was a good idea and could have choked on it. Then to top it off last night the child would not go to sleep, he was screaming like crazy and I thought I was going to lose it. I tried a bottle, his binky, swaddling him, swing, bouncing in my arms etc. Finally I got him to calm down and fall asleep, then I put him in the bassinet and it started again. He ended up sleeping in my arms on the couch. I hope he does not repeat that again.


Zephra said...

Do you have any idea how many fingers I have chopped off? Poor Kamran;s hands will never be the same. He still plays the piano.

Cece said...

Poor you! Up all night with a crying baby and PMS.. thinking not the best combo!

Delenn said...

Oh my. The nail clipping reminded me of the time I first clipped Michael's finger nails. I clipped his thumb and it wouldn't stop bleeding--so, what does a first time parent do? Rush him to the emergency ward. Where it promptly stopped bleeding.

Many a time have I had to sleep with Willow on the couch. However, as she is nearing 4 months now, she is starting to sleep much more regular. I guess it just takes time.

My therapist recommended The Happiest Baby in the World. It has some wonderful tips for a fussy baby.

Good luck with the first week of work!