Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Yet

Just wanted to quickly post and let you all know I have not had Jayden yet. He is very comfy in my tummy it seems. Mother's day was nice right until the mother of all migraines hit me. After that it was horrible. Now I am waiting for the hot water tank to heat back up so I can finally take a freaking shower! Seems the landlord let us run out of oil, no oil no hot water. Then they oil guy took all day getting here to prime the tank etc. I just want a shower!!!! Ok done whining for now. Anyway 11 days to go!

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Lainey-Paney said...

Okay...this I just don't get.


Gage has a book, and there is a tanker truck delivering oil to a house. This is a foreign concept to me. Oil?
How does that work?
What kind of oil?
What runs off of oil at your house?

We have gas & electricity.
The gas heats the hot water, and it can heat your stove, but our stove is electric.

Explain this whole oil thing to me.

AND: sorry you're still pregnant. I know you're getting tired of it & ready to meet him!