Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jayden's Birth Story

Well as you know I made it to my scheduled C Section date. So Friday morning we were up at the crack of dawn and on our way to the hospital. All it took to wake Terrell up was to say it was time to go have the baby. His eyes popped right open and he asked me if my water broke. I told him no got him up and dressed and off we went. Susan met us at the hospital, she was T's support person. We were all a bit cranky from lack of sleep but I think all in all we handled it well. They got me into my room and hooked up the IV, shaved me and asked a million questions. Once they gave me the antibiotics through the IV I got sick. It was like deja vu, same thing happened with T. I even threw up in the trash again. It was a sign of things to come. The anesthesiologist was awesome though, His name was Tom and I told him I wanted to be awake this time not doped up on drugs. He was on board with my wishes so that was nice. It was almost time to go to the OR so Terrell and Susan had to go into the waiting room. I gave T a big kiss and told him his baby would be here soon. After that in went the catheter, that freaked Tony out. He could not believe how big the tube was. At some point my doctor came in and I remember him saying something to the nurse about the OR being ready. Then he said it felt warm in there and to get it fixed now! I had never seen my doctor like that before. Anyway into the OR I went, I hate that they make you walk in. Spinal went in much easier than last time but it still hurt going in. Then the nausea started, Tom gave me so many injections of Zofran and something else and that seemed to help. They got me laid down on the table and I remember being so hot. By this point the OR was cool but someone had put something on the table to keep me warm, a heating pad or something I think. The doctor came in and then Tony did and they got started. It was weird being so alert this time. I was so hot and starting to sweat so Tom and the other anesthesiologist took this fan like tube thing and were blowing cool air on me. I have to tell you it really helped. A few minutes later Jayden was born. I remember the doctor showing him to me and I said he is so small. They took him over to check him out and he was crying, it was a beautiful sound. Tony went over and started snapping pictures and checking J out. I remember Tony asking the nurse if it was ok to touch him. They gave him his vitamin K shot and not a peep out of him but when the took his footprints the boy screamed bloody murder. As soon as they were done getting his prints he stopped crying. It was pretty funny. So all that is going on and here I go getting sick on the table. It is pretty hard to throw up when you are strapped to a table, gutted like a fish and you have nothing in your stomach but I managed to do it anyway. Next thing I know they are bringing my baby to me. That was so awesome, to see and hold him minutes after his birth was something I really looked forward to doing. I never got the chance with Terrell. I held him and kissed him and told him I was his Mommy. Tony took a few pictures and so did Tom. He was such a nice guy. They took Jayden to the nursery and Tony went with him. After that I just tried to rest and not throw up again. We also had a great conversation about the Red Sox. When Tony and the baby left the OR the nurses had Tony go get T so he could meet his baby brother. From what I understand it was a pretty cool first meeting and they let T and Susan go with him to the nursery, however after that they had to go back to the waiting room. So they tie my tubes and close me up. Bring me back to my room to recover and all I wanted was to see my kids. Terrell came back first and not long after they brought Jayden down. I wanted to breastfeed so they got me sat up and my nurse wanted us to wait a few minutes because of how my tummy had been all day. Sure enough I got sick once again. Really really sick, thank got the spinal had not worn off yet. So I got J to the breast and that was nice, neither one of us knew what the hell we were doing though. We are not bottle feeding but I feel really good that I tried and he got some colostrum from Mom before we decided to quit. I am sure I am leaving alot of stuff out but I am a bit sleep starved. Oh yeah blood pressure fine my whole pregnancy now I have high blood pressure! I had a visiting nurse out today and it was 160 over 110, I rested for 10 minutes and it went down to 150 over 98. Nurse is coming back tomorrow, wonder what it will be then. If you want to see more pictures from the birth and our time in the hospital feel free to click on my flickr over on the right.

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Jerri said...

my puke-fest started before I knew I was pregnant and it ended puking on my way down the hall to the OR for my c/sections....twice...exactly, weird, I lost 30 pounds while pg, 20 more before I went home, puke puke puke, that was the name of my preggo-game.....some of us just get all the luck