Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nesting lite

I think a bit of the nesting bug has started to hit me. Yesterday I finally took all of Terrell's toys out of his room and put them in the computer/ playroom he will now have. I am making room for Jayden's stuff to go in the bedroom. I need to get the crib up and put together but I am trying to wait and see if we get one at the shower. The bassinet is ready to go, the swing, carseat and stroller are ready too. I need to get the carseat base put in the van and give the stroller a good wash. I am waiting for the warmer weather before I wash the stroller outside with the hose. I do still need to have Tony get the dresser and put it together. I need to figure out where in the hell it is going to go too. I have baby clothes that need to be washed as well. I feel like I am getting so close to him being here. I can not wait. Here is a couple of pictures of the new playroom and Terrell with the bassinet.


Delenn said...

Such a big brother! :-)

So the boys are going to share a room?

I debated about the same idea (share a room, have a play room) but Michael's room is so HUGE and there is such a big age difference (and gender difference).

Where are you registered?

Sarah said...

congrats on getting all that done and being so close!