Wednesday, March 05, 2008

L&D Trip

Last night while at work I started having contractions. At first I thought they were BH ones and was not worried. Then they were coming more regularly and starting to hurt. I tried drinking water and changing positions but it was not helping. After about 1 hour I decided to call the doctor. I was trying very hard not to freak out but it was not working to well. I could not get a hold of anyone. My sister, Susan and Tony all were not answering the phone. The hotel which usually has a few people roaming about was empty. Finally I get Kristin on the phone and she is on her way back to the hotel. I was about to call Lisa when she walked in the door. I was in tears when I saw her. She went with me to the hospital and Kristin stayed at the hotel to cover the desk until my boss got there. Thank god for them. Finally got a hold of my DH and he asked me if this was an emergency. Ummm 27 weeks pregnant and having contractions? Yeah I think it is an emergency. He stayed home with T and Susan met me at the hospital. I am glad because he would have driven me crazy. Anyway got to the hospital and they put me on the monitor and started me drinking lots of water. The nurse said she was pretty sure I was dehydrated. It was drink alot of get the IV, so drink I did. They also did a FFn test, and internal exam and a ultrasound. The FFn came back negative so that was good. The internal was weird I am open a bit at the bottom but appear closed at the top. The nurses also thought I had a cyst on my cervix. I will have to ask my doctor what that is all about. The ultrasound of my cervix was good but she did not do a trans vaginal ultrasound so I will be asking about that too. Susan wanted to see Jayden's boy parts but the ultrasound tech could not show her because he had his winky in his hand the whole time. That's my boy! After a few hours they sent me home with strict warning to rest and drink more fluids. I am seeing my doctor this afternoon and will update when I know more. Oh yeah for got to mention that my blood pressure was sky high for the first 3 readings. I really was freaked out.


Delenn said...

Just what you don't need--excitement!

I hope everything is okay--I will be thinking of you.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You have to drink that water girl! I used to get dehydrated too. Take it easy.

And about your boy....they just can't wait to play with those winkies, UGH!