Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Scare

This morning when I woke up the baby was still asleep. Now this is unusual because normally he wakes me up because my full bladder is bothering him. Not today, it crossed my mind for a second that he should be moving but I let it go. I ate breakfast and still nothing, took a shower and started to quietly freak out. I was praying in the shower come on baby move, I need to know you are ok in there. Still nothing, got out and told Tony who said he was probably just sleeping and to not worry so much. At this point I was ready to call the doctor but figured ok I will try something else. Ate 1 marshmellow peep and practically begged the baby to move. We left the house to go to Walmart and finally when we were in the car he kicked me. I have never felt such joy over being kicked before. This kid is totally grounded when he is born though.

We also went to Babies R Us today to get the coming home from the hospital outfit. Tony picked it out. It is a overall shorts outfit. Tan in color with a little saiboat on it. It is very cute and I will make sure to bundle him up really good with a blanket in case it is still cold out. I bought an outfit for him too but I am sure he will be coming home in the one daddy picked.


Zephra said...

I cant wait to see him. And stop buggin the baby. He was having a nice nap and you had to keep bugging him. No wonder he kicks you all the time. lol.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

So glad he decided to wake up and give mama a kick. He's already trying to push your buttons!