Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Everything is great. The baby's heartbeat was at 153 BPM. I am measuring right on target, blood pressure is fine and no swelling or protein in my urine. I gain 5 pounds this month for a total weight gain of 10 pounds so far. I had the doctor test me for anemia today. I know it is going to come back positive because I am always anemic. But I feel like it is worse than before. Even the doctor thought I looked more pale than usual. I will know in a day or 2 how much iron supplementation I am going to need. Next appointment is in 1 month and after that we start every two weeks. Wow that seems like it is coming so fast. I got the nasty orange drink for my GD test next month as well. After the appointment T, Susan and I met my friend Tracey and her twins for lunch. Then the girls whispered between themselves to start planning my shower. I am sure they will both do a great job. I can not wait to have that party, even with the baby games. All in all it was a good day.

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Delenn said...

Glad to hear everything is okay! I just got tested positive for the sugar, but came back anemic--which I have never been! (I thought I was just exhausted because entering into 3rd Tri!)

Having my last monthly appointment next week. It does seem to have gone fast!

As for names: Jamie or James? (I noticed the "J" theme). Its hard--I had no idea on boy names this time around...