Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm sorry for being so quiet, nothing is really going on here. Thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments. It helps to know others feel this way too. I am slowly working my way to believing this baby will make it. I am hoping the amnio helps me with that. On to other things Friday we had a small surprise shower for one of the bartenders at work. It was awesome because we totally surprised her and she cried tears of happiness. It felt really good to make someone that happy. Also we have had a few snow storms too. You know how much I love that. I am working right now then tomorrow morning so I can be off for our company Christmas party tomorrow night. Oh yeah we ordered T something from Toys r us online and my hubby says they sent the wrong thing. Great, he called and I guess now what we ordered is out of stock. Just wait until I get home tomorrow. TRU is not going to want to deal with me that is for sure. Also I did take a belly shot and will be posting it soon. I bet you all can't wait for that can you?

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