Monday, November 26, 2007

Looking up

Well things around here are looking up. I think I was PMSing on Friday, it might have to do with that full moon we had. And yes I know I am pregnant but it still felt like PMS. Tony went shopping Friday night and now there are 5 wrapped presents sitting under the tree with my name on them. This is truly a first in our house. Our tree was put up Sunday morning by a tired momma and a very excited Terrell. I let him decorate almost the whole thing except for the top part he couldn't reach. That boy had a blast doing it. We will hopefully be finishing the rest of the house tomorrow.

Last week I think I entered a contest over at Mama loves giveaways for a diaper cake and I won!! I am so excited, you see I am hosting a baby shower on the 14th of December for a coworker. This is going to be the best centerpiece! Go over and check out some of the other cool stuff they are giving away.


Sarah said...

it's true what those ebay commercials say--it's better when you win it!

Kidazy said...

How cool that you won the cake!!! Congrats :) Good for you for having your tree up already too, we haven't even started to put ours together yet lol