Monday, July 16, 2007


I had a huge muscle spasm in my back Saturday while getting ready for work. I did go to work but was in quite a bit of pain. A friend of a friend is a massage therapist and worked on my back for me. I was still not 100% but I felt better. Sunday morning I woke up and was really sore, so sore in fact I had to take something for it. Today I am dying! I still need to go to work but lord knows how I am going to manage. It almost feels worse than when it first started except no spasms. Tony came home for lunch and but ben gay on it for me. The heating pad will be coming to work with me and god help the first person to be an asshole to me today. Oh yeah got my period too but no authorization for another IVF round. Life is good.

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Sarah said...

aw, i'm sorry. it's bad enough when our bodies don't cooperate, but having to deal with insurance on top of it is just a nightmare. good luck!