Thursday, June 21, 2007


If one more person tells me they are pregnant I am going to scream! Two yes two people felt the need to share that little tidbit of information with me yesterday. A coworker and my niece. My niece actually said to me that if I stopped trying I would most likely get pregnant. She is lucky I did not go through the phone and strangle her. I reminded her that IVF is my only hope of getting pregnant at the moment. Ahh to be 19 and dumb again. I am happy for her and my coworker but it hurts too. I should be pregnant right now. I should be adding to my family, I am the one who is married and desperately trying to have another baby. It isn't fair and it makes me sad. Why not me?


Techsplorer (Eagan, MN) said...

Hi Valerie. First time visitor here, and I haven't read too much of your blog yet, but I will say I am praying that you're able to conceive soon.

My wife and I went through the same thing when we were trying to "get preggers".

And I don't mean just the IVF.

Julie had a miscarriage and a tubal pregnancy along the way to Riley, but we just tried to "keep on keeping on" and praying for the best.

While we were trying, her two best friends, then one of her cousins, then the other cousin, then one of her best friends (again) reported they were expecting.

They tried to be sympathetic to what we were going through (some of them anyway), but unless you've actually been there, there's really no understanding how much that kills you a bit inside.

So all I can say is keep trying as long as you can.

And don't forget to appreciate Terrell every day, and let him know that. It's great that he wants to be a big brother; some older children get the feeling that mommy & daddy are trying to replace them when they have another child.

Sorry this is so long. I surprised myself a bit here: I guess it is something that I still feel strongly about—and Riley is almost six (and a half)!

Suburban Oblivion said...

That must be really hard to hear. :/
I'm sorry people aren't being a little more sensitive, and I hope things happen for you soon.

jane said...

Hi, I'm here via Zephra's. I can't imagine how difficult it must be hearing about others getting pregnant.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

It's so hard to be happy for others when you are having such difficulty. I am so sorry for you.

Sarah said...

i'm sorry, that sucks. don't i wish we could all be as niave about this as your neice! if only we didn't have to know what we know...

Emily said...

Yes, my RE told me that I should continue my stressful life just as it was and ignore the oh so helpful folks who told me to just relax and stop trying so hard. If she is 19, I imagine she hasn't had 4 years of med school, 3+ years of residency, and what -- 3 or 4 years of fellowship, so she probably does not know as much about it as your doctor.

Sassy Momma said...

My thoughts are with you.