Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am feeling much better after my mental health break. I just really needed to get away from life for a day or two. Terrell and I had a great time, it is so nice to have mommy and son time together. I have had so much stress in my life lately. Last week Tony and I had a huge fight about our diet, I am not even sure why. But it did get bigger than either of us thought it would. I think now maybe he understands how hard all of this is on me. The diet, the doctor appointments, the poking and prodding the being told you are to fat to have a baby. It couple with my full time job and being a Mom just pushed me over the edge a bit. I am back on steady ground now and feeling much better. I am going to try one more round of IVF and then we will see, I am not sure how long I want to be on this roller coaster of infertility. Being a woman though I may change my mind you never know.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

I applaud you for knowing you had too much and needed a break. I'm glad you are feeling less stressed and I hope all goes smoothly this next round. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

txdave said...

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Sarah said...

yes, we must always reserve the right to change our minds! good for you taking a break when you need it. it is such a rollercoaster. hope you're on the upswing for a while.

Cece said...

Glad to hear you're back in the saddle again!

Good luck with the next round. *fingers crossed*

netchick said...

Sorry to hear about your rollercoaster. Although I personally haven't been through this, (I'm not a parent by choice) I have a few friends who have. It's so difficult watching the situation unfold... But, just when you least expect it, something special happens.

Have a great friday! Michele sent me today...