Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad Girl

Well this weekend I ate everything in sight. I am serious if it wasn't tied down or in the trash I ate it. With that said I have jumped back on the eating healthy bandwagon this morning. I am at work so I did not have time to weigh in this morning but I will do it tomorrow morning. In other news, I had a little tiff with one of the people I work with, nothing big but I did speak my mind. If you want details and I know you email me otherwise that is all I am saying because she does read my blog now and then.

The weather here has been awesome the last few days, it is going to be 85 today so I am wearing a sun dress! I would upload a picture but my camera phone will not upload the pic to the net. Damn technology. We have been spending alot of time outdoors. Tomorrow we are planning a picnic in the park. SB friendly of course.

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