Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Were having a baby!

Ok I am not having a baby but my good friend Melissa is, she is at the hospital as I type. I have her 4 year old son over for the day playing with T. This makes us all happy, T has someone to play with, Isaiah has someone to play with and I get to have 2 kids for a while! She is having a girl and I am so excited for her, she already has 2 boys so this is something new and special. Today is her due date and since it is her 3rd child they decided to induce her. We have the same OB/GYN and he is awesome so I know today should be as easy as labor can be. Melissa I am sending you quick and easy labor vibes!

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Sarah said...

congratulations!!! a good friend of mine is due sunday, i can hardly stand it!!