Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Proud

This morning my posting was delayed by the TV news. It was not some horrible breaking news, it was a wonderful story that brought tears to my eyes. Fox 25 morning news was live all morning in Devins waiting for the 1/25 marines to come home. It was so nice to hear good news for a change. They talked to families as they waited for the marines to get there. They also showed a bunch of the welcome home signs. My favorite was one that said Sgt. T**** prepare to be debriefed! That just cracked me up. It was hard to watch the marines all standing in formation with there loved one's just feet away and to not be able to touch them. It was so heart renching though when they finally got the order and everyone started running and hugging. One thing that really impressed me was that every marine or family they talked to this morning made sure to mention the 11 marines from this unit who did not make it home. They paid the ultimate price but will never be forgotten.

On a totally different note I heard a song on the radio yesterday by Kellie Pickler. It was called red high heels, now I was sure I was not going to like it but it turns out I was wrong. By the end of the song I was singing along, I am so ashamed.

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