Monday, August 07, 2006


I have had many friends in my life. My first friend when I was little was Lisa. Lisa has come back into my life through the internet and it is nice having her around again. She remembers things that I have forgotten about my life growing up, it amazes me what I have forgotten. I am glad she is back in my life.

I had another friend Angie, we were friends for a long time. We still speak but it is not the same now. It's strange the one person who should be happy for you when you find happiness was pretty bitter. She thought I was making a mistake marrying my DH. She was convinced he beat me. Mind you my DH would never lay a hand on me and never has. This hurt me a lot and it changed our friendship. I finally realized she was jealous of my relationship. That really made me sad and I still mourn that friendship. You see we were so close we lived together for a time and I helped her raise her 2 boys. I miss the boys more.

Julie ahh Julie what to say about her? She is a friend but.... She is Terrell's godmother on record. Just on record. It has been over a year since she has seen him. It isn't like we live really far away either. She is less than 20 minutes from me. We no longer even talk on the phone. Terrell does not even recognize her in pictures.

That brings me to Susan. Susan is a good friend, she was my boss for a bit. That is how we met. She also introduced me to my DH. She likes to say the one time she played match maker it ended in a marriage and a baby. She is auntie Susan to T and is always there for me. A girl couldn't ask for a better friend. She does all the fun stuff like shopping with me but does all the sucky stuff too like doctors and surgery appointments. She is always around to talk to in fact we talk so many times a day it pissed off one of her ex boyfriends. He was a loser anyway. LOL
Susan is that friend you alway wished to have, boy am I luck or what to have answered that help wanted ad? She is also one of the only people in my real life that knows about this blog.

Last we have my sister Zephra. She is so much more than a sister to me. She is truly a friend in all ways. I love talking to her for hours at a time on the phone. We talk about everything under the sun. We are so alike it is scary, but I am the pretty one. JK sis!

Those are the friends I have had and have in my life. I guess in a lot of ways I am really blessed with them all. They certainly all have taught me different lessons in life.

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