Thursday, August 10, 2006

Adventures in NH

Susan and I had this bright idea that we would take T and Emma to Santa's village in Jefferson NH. That is 3 hours and 10 minutes from home people so we decided to stay in a hotel overnight. We left about 7pm figuring the kids would sleep on the ride up. Yeah right! Terrell was awake the whole way and this is what we heard. Are we there yet? What is the big surprise? Are we there yet? What is the big surprise? Are we there yet? What is the big surprise? Are we there yet? What is the big surprise? for 3 hours, it was driving us all crazy people. We finally reach the hotel, get checked in and get ready for bed then we notice the AC does not work. To be honest we were to tired to really care at that point. I fell asleep with a cold face cloth on my tummy to help cool me down. Fast forward to 6:30am T wakes up asking if it is time to go to the big surprise. Somehow I was able to get him back to sleep thank goodness. We got up about 8 and started our day. We got to Santa's Village about 10am and spent all day there. We had a blast!!! We rode everything except the ferris wheel. In fact I know I went on the log flume 6 times! Emma had never been on one before so after that first time she just wanted to ride it again and again. We also rode the little drummer boyride which is like the teacups. We spun around so much I am not really sure how I managed to walk when we got off that ride. I love the way it is so geared toward the kids with no really grown up rides in the park. Terrell says that his favorite ride is roller coaster and the log flume. We were there until 6 pm and we did everything and I mean everything there was to do except see the shows. We just did not have time for them.
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