Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot and Firefox questions

I walk outside this morning to go get coffee and it is so hot I can barely breathe. Today the heat index is going to be over 100. Can I go to work in a bathing suit or better yet naked? Terrell is coming with me for a few hours and I was going to go early and swim with him but I don't think I can handle it but what a blast he would have. I am mostly worried about getting a sunburn though. I can not wait for this heatwave to break, I know it is hotter in Texas sis but damn I live in New England it isn't supposed to be this hot for this long!

On another topic I have finally started to use firefox as my web browser. Now for all you veteran firefox users what is the deal with all the plugins and themes etc? Do I need them? Which ones? Anything else you can tell me about firefox?

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