Monday, March 15, 2010

A quick one

Yay Yay I know I am a horrible blogger. I just really have nothing going on at the moment that seems very blog worthy. Be prepared if I do start blogging a lot again it is likely to be boring as hell.
So let's see what is new with us? Well Terrell is all signed up for little league and has tryouts on March 27th. We have all been sick and I am hoping that part of winter is over. I did suck it up and went to the museum of science on Saturday. We only stayed about 1½ hours because I started feeling worse. Jayden loved the dinosaur exhibit. He just stared and stared and the T rex. Terrell always enjoys the mathematica displays and both really like the exhibits with the stuffed wildlife, the black bear was a big hit! Tony and I are doing good, it is a process but we are succeeding. All in all things around here are boring but good.

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Anonymous said...

Boring is good. Really. I am hoping for some of that!

What is it with kids and dinosaurs? Ceara was obsessed with them when she was a toddler, and Farty is now too.