Friday, August 28, 2009

School's Back!

So yesterday Terrell started 1st grade. Wow the summer went by really fast here. Of course Revere did go back earlier than many of the surrounding towns. His teacher is young and new. She is a 1st year teacher, I think this is good and bad. Good because she will not be jaded yet, will be excited and enthusiastic. Not so good because she has no real experience yet and this year will be a learning year for her. I wonder will my child not get as strong of an education because of it? On the plus side she does not yet own anything that says #1 teacher so Christmas and end of year gifts should be a snap. I am not going to pass judgment on her yet because hey everyone was a new teacher once right? I will sit back and see how the year goes, oh yeah did I mention that she is hot? Yeah I am sure all the fathers are gonna love her!

So far Terrell likes school. Let's all hope he makes some friends that live close by soon.

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Monogram Queen said...

Relax, he will get a great education! :) Even being a first year teacher she has been through a LOT to get those teaching credentials. I know, i'm currently going through it and will be finished next December 2010! Wishing you a wonderful school year and Happy Fall Val!