Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It is amazing the sun has been shining for about 4 straight days. The children are happy, the mom is happy, all is right with the world. We have been spending some time outside everyday. We go to this park down the street from our house and the kids really like it. Jayden now loves to go down the slide and play on the seesaw. Terrell is making some friends and loves to play with Jayden too. The kids get a free lunch and that is nice. Most of the parents seem really nice too, not at all like the clicky parents in Winthrop. All in all we are really starting to enjoy being in a new area. Terrell is just loving having his own room and his own back yard. He is out there most days. He is also growing a sunflower that is coming along nicely. Pictures of it to come.

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