Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I just wanted to quickly post some things. Nothing that amounts to a full post so here it is in bullet form.

  • Jayden rubs his hair to fall asleep
  • He also rubs mine if I am near
  • He fell asleep in his bed last night with no tears
  • We went to the park down the street from the house
  • It was nice
  • I knew one person from Terrell's old school
  • He introduced me to a few moms
  • They do free lunch M-F in the park for all the kids
  • Terrell is really loving the new house
  • He wants to be in the back yard all the time
  • He loves that he gets to ride his bike in the street if Mom or Dad are with him.
  • Today he went into Dunkin Donuts all by himself to buy a donut
  • He was so proud, it was cute
  • Jayden has taken to giving kisses to people
  • Big wet slobbery kisses
  • I love it!
  • I can not believe it is July already
  • Will we ever have summer around here?
  • Can you tell me what the sun looks like?
  • I am starting to forget


Zephra said...

Girl. I got plenty of sun if you need some.

Rachel said...

What is it with babies and hair? Farty is pulling on mine all the time when I'm trying to get him to sleep.
Glad to hear you're doing well in the new house!

Sarah said...

i can see how the dunkin donuts thing starts early up there, they are everywhere!!