Monday, February 23, 2009

9 months old

Today my little J man is 9 months old, he ha been in the world as long as I carried him inside. It is slightly surreal to me. He is getting so big and doing so many things now that I long to slow him down. He is my last baby and it seems like time is just slipping through my fingers like sand.

He can now:

  • wave hi
  • slap 5
  • cruising pretty good now
  • crawls at lightening speeds
  • cries if I leave the room
  • his face just lights up when he sees Daddy
  • loves to play wrestle with his brother
  • pets the cat
He is not standing on his own yet but I know it is coming because a few times this weekend he let go for a second and then fell to his butt. He is a joy but he is also clingy, cries when he does not get his way. Still is crying himself to sleep but we are down to about 10 minutes of crying now. Once we get him settled into going to sleep on his own he is getting out of our room and back in with brother. All in all he is perfect and I can not imagine our lives without him.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Wow. 9 months already. Cherish these moments Valerie. My youngest is 5 and I have no idea where the time went!

Soralis said...

They just grow way to fast! :)


Sarah said...

aw, happy nine-month birthday little guy!!

Rachel said...

My little man is 10 months old today, and I am thinking the same thoughts...I can't even remember what life was like without him.
Congrats on 9 months with your little handful!

Cara said...

9 months is one of those "perfect" ages. I'm so gald you are enjoying him!


KimboSue said...

Awww...I can't wait for these milestones!


littleangelkisses said...

What a GREAT age! I love that stage when they are growing and changing every day!!


Monogram Queen said...

I love that you are smart enough to savor these moments - you are an awesome Mom Valerie!

jen @ negative lane said...

Happy 9-month birthday, Jayden!

Good luck on getting him in his own room. It's a sanity saver.

Michelle said...

Happy 9 months! Don't they just grow so fast?

Delenn said...

Happy 9 months! Willow is at the clingy stage too. Kinda annoying, but then it will be over so fast!

Glad he is doing so well!

caitsmom said...

I love your list of what your sweet baby can do. So sweet.