Friday, October 31, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conference

I had my first ever PTC yesterday. Terrell's teach said he is the politest little boy she has ever met. That made my heart swell with pride, I am so happy something I have taught him is sinking in. She did have some concerns however. His hand are weak, she wants me to buy modeling clay to help strengthen his grip. He also needs to work on his fine motor skills. The teacher sent home a disk for me to use to help with his phonic awareness and a nice note saying how nice it was to see us following up on her suggestions. Makes you wonder if a lot of parents don't follow through. I printed out a buch of worksheets for him off the internet. Did you know there are tons of great free places to download worksheets? I didn't before yesterday. All in all the conference went well and I have earned a even higher respect for his teacher.

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kristi said...

My son has Autism, I am VERY involved and want a daily report. When I mentioned this in a meeting, the principal was shocked and said most parents don't ask for that. WHY NOT!!