Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend was nice and relaxing. On Saturday we really just hung out at home. We did take on trip into the outside world to Stop and Shop. I decided I really wanted Tony to make homemade pizzas. Well what should have been a quick $20 trip turned into a $50 trip. Why is that always the way?
On Sunday we got up early and I suggested we take T over to the big park so he could ride his bike. It was beautiful out and we stayed for about 1½ hours before my bladder demanded we come home. After that Tony went out for a bit and T and I spent some Mommy and me time together. We went to the park across the street and walked around and looked at flowers. It was really nice. I am trying to spend extra time with him right now because I know his whole world is going to change this week. I have been telling him over and over even after brother comes he is still my special little guy and if he needs a hug or a cuddle all he has to do is ask. I am hoping it will sink in for him. I think it is working a bit because at 2am he needed a mommy cuddle. I offered to go in his bed and let him cuddle daddy but he said no he needed me! So cute sometimes I swear.
Today we are off to his school for class picture day. I am hoping this goes quick because honestly his school is the last place I feel like going today.
I have a question for all you Mom's out there. Thursday we have school however it is the day before brother will be here. Do you think I should keep him out of school and do something special with him or just have a special dinner after school? I want our last night as a family of 3 to be special for him and me. Oh god pregnancy hormones are here, I am tearing up just typing this. 4 days to go!


Zephra said...

I sent the kids to school the day Zakary was born. Personally I say keep his schedule the same. Life will be disrupted enough. Do a nice dinner. Something special that he gets to pick out.

But that is totally personal. Others may feel like keeping him home is a good idea. Hell, i guess i could go either way.

i don't know.

Jenn said...

I'd send him to school and keep his routine as normal as possible. Have a special dinner planned for him, and just chill out together :)

A couple of other things I did was have whomever was taking care of him bake cupcakes together with him for the new baby. The baby's first "birthday" cake if you will that the new big brother can bring to the hospital when he comes to visit the new baby. My boys always sang *Happy Birthday* to the new baby. One of my favorite memories. I would pack a "present" from the new baby for his new big brother.