Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Almost 37 week appointment

Well I am officially done with work now. I am so very happy. Now I just need to get my house together before I go into labor. Where the hell is my nesting instinct? I need it to kick in soon. I lost another pound, so now a total weight gain of 18 pounds. I am measuring 39 weeks but his head is so very low. It is putting a lot of pressure in my vajay jay. Heart rate is as always in the 150's. I go back next Wednesday. They took blood today to again check my platelet count. If it is to low I will have to be knocked out for my C section as it is dangerous to place a spinal with a low count. It is something to do with the Heparin. So that is what is going on here.


Delenn said...

Wow, almost there! Its amazing how fast the time goes!

Zephra said...

for those of us not carrying a baby.

Sarah said...

woohoo, congrats on being done with work!!