Saturday, May 03, 2008

36 weeks

My little floating baby over on my sidebar informs me that I am 36 weeks pregnant today. 20 days until my C Section and I am not yet ready. The bottles are not washed or sterilized. The blanket he will be coming home with still needs to go in the wash and my suitcase sits unpacked. What does all this mean? Friday will be my last day at work. I am hoping after that to finish up the few things that still need to be done. Tony will be installing the car seats soon I hope or I am going to freak out!!!! I am so very tired now. I lay about on the couch like a big slug, I feel sorry for poor T who had to beg for a bath this morning because mommy was too tired. Oh well soon I will be a zombie and it will all be good in the hood again. When exactly is my nesting going to kick in??

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Zephra said...

I don't know but when it does, maybe you could come here and clean my crap too?