Saturday, April 12, 2008

Enough Already!

I want to know just what I did to god to piss him off. I have the post nasal drip that causes me to cough uncontrollable all night again. Seriously I think I peed my pants 6 times last night. I finally had to get up and sleep sitting up on the couch and that did not even really help. Why have I been so sick this pregnancy? What did I do to upset the balance of the world? I just want to be able to sleep for more than a hour or 2 a night before Jayden gets here. I actually hurt my stomach coughing so hard last night.

In other news a few days ago I had my friend Kristin get her pendulum so we could ask some questions. A while back we had asked the age old question every pregnant woman wants to know boy or girl. Well I be darned but the thing was right. So I decided I needed more answers, this time I am documenting them so we can go back and see if it was right. The pendulum says I will not make my c section date but will go between May 15 and 20. I will not go into labor at work or in the middle of the night. My OB will be the one to deliver me and Jayden will be born healthy. It also said I will work until the very end, I am not happy about that one but oh well. 33 weeks today, a baby sometime in the next 5½ weeks WOOHOO!

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Delenn said...

I feel your pain--started to have a cold/sinus infection on Thursday night. Having that stupid constant cough thing the last two nights and my stomach hurts...ACK!

Happy 33 weeks! Wow, almost down to just a month more!