Wednesday, April 30, 2008

35.4 appointment

Doctor appointment went great. I lost 2 pounds, so a total gain of 19 pounds so far. Did my Group B Strep test today and I asked him for an internal. He could not believe I asked for it but I need to know what is going on in there. I am still 1 CM like I was at 27 weeks. Baby is still high too. I measured at 36/37 weeks, so doc thinks Jayden has dropped a bit. I don't feel it but he is the expert. I did ask him to start me back on my Zoloft again because I can feel the old feeling creeping back in, I am hoping this way to avoid the baby blues and PPD. Next week I start NST's 2x a week. So that means I will be doing something baby related 3 times a week until this kid is born. I did ask for an estimated weight for J and he thinks no more than 7 pounds or so. This makes me so very happy.

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