Monday, March 24, 2008

Pregnancy stuff

I am starting to get to that uncomfortable stage in this pregnancy. You know the one, if I don't eat I am starving but when I eat I get super full fast and feel sick. I must have a pillow under my belly to sleep and one between my legs. I have no sex drive at all, Poor hubby. I can not see my feet. Shaving is out of the question. I seriously think I am going to have to have Tony shave my legs for me. Let's not forget when Jayden decides it is a good idea to jump up and down on mommy's bladder. I pee when I sneeze or laugh to hard. God I just love being pregnant. The good news is that I only have 60 days to go. I can not wait for this little one to be born so I can get some new baby cuddles. Terrell can't wait because he wants to tickle Jayden's feet. Tony can't wait cause he is sick of me telling him how many more days until J will be here. I think we are all just ready for the real fun to begin.

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Sarah said...

hurray for 60 days to go!!!