Tuesday, November 20, 2007

12 weeks 3 days

I had my NT scan today. 1.3mm so it all looks good, of course I have to wait to get the results with the blood but I am happy with it. Does this mean we are not going to do the amnio? Nope I am at peace with having it done and feel I really need to be prepared if something is wrong. The ultrasound today took forever because little petri would not turn the right way. We tried with a full bladder, an empty bladder, I coughed to try and get the little bugger to move and finally I had a visit from the wand monkey. I did get a really great profile pic of the baby. I am going to scan it in tomorrow at work and then I will post it. Terrell was with me for the U/S and he was fascinated with his "baby". We could see the arms and legs moving all around. Pretty cool way to spend your morning. I finally went and got my acrylic tips off my nails today. I know how well my nails will grow so I might as well take advantage of the extra $20 bucks in my pocket every 2 weeks. Either that or I will start getting pedicures more often, we shall see. It feels weird to have my finger pads on the keys on the keyboard instead of my nails and the click click clicking noise is missing. Well times to go srir our red beans and rice we are having for dinner. How was your day?


Jen said...

You know I made the same decision... to do the NT scan, but do the amnio regardless. I'll call next week to schedule mine, hopefully for the first or second week of December. When do you think yours will be?

Sarah said...

congrats on the good scan!!