Monday, October 15, 2007

I am so sorry that I am becoming a bad blogger. I don't post and I don't comment. I am still reading here and there it just seems like to much effort to actually type something. I am so hitting the exhausted part of the first trimester. I can sleep for 12 hours and then take a nap an hour after waking up. The morning sickness is kicking in too. I get it in the evening regardless of whether my tummy is full or not. It is pretty annoying. I am wearing the sea bands and that helps a bit but I will honestly be happy when this symptom of pregnancy is over. Other than that all is well here. I am working alot and sleeping whenever I can. I promise to try and be a better blogger.


*~*Cece*~* said...

The morning sickness was the worst for me. With both of my girls I was sick from conception until birth! Literally. lol My oldest didn't arrive with me pushing. She arrived w/me puking during delivery and then slipping out! lol I hope you feel better and get into the lots of energy stage. {{hugs}}

Erica said...

Hang in there, my friend. You don't have to do it all. It is OK to be where you need ot be right now (in bed, in tub, in despair, wherever!) This is such a temporary time and you would be well served to be gentle with yourself they way you would be with your most beloved friend. You're Terrell's momma after all! That lady is great and deserves a break! Know what I mean? =)