Friday, August 17, 2007

Growth Spurt?

I really think we are going through another one around here. Terrell has been eating all morning. Banana, teddy grahams, cereal bar, nilla wafers, yogurt. This is strange for him because he usually doesn't eat very much at breakfast time. It is funny he just keeps coming up to me and saying Momma I am hungry again. My tummy is gurgling. It looks like all those new clothes won't be fitting him for very long.


Cece said...

Oh growth spurts are fun aren't they? lol

Happily Anonymous said...

They grow up so quickly!

small town girl said...

I have to admit, I LOVE GROWTH SPURTS. They're so weird! All of a sudden they want to eat everything in sight and before you know it their jeans are short and they seem so much bigger than they did just a day before. I don't actually love having to buy new clothes so fast though. :)great blog.