Monday, August 13, 2007


My house is my own again. I enjoyed having everyone around but boy is it gonna be nice to sleep without Terrell in my bed. Everyone had a great time. Terrell now has most of the clothes he is going to need for the fall and winter. He even got new sneakers from one of his great aunties. I have already been to the airport twice today and I still have to go to work. Let's see we went to Kittery Maine to the outlets. The guys had a day out fishing on a charter boat. My FIL got seasick. He is a land lover for sure. No more boats for him. That was the day my MIL and I went and got our nails and toes done, then did a little shopping. We got home and had quite a fish fry. Grits, red beans and rice, fish, crabs and a lobster. Terrell was carrying one of the live crabs around say it was his friend crabby. He actually wanted to keep it. The next day the Auntie's flew in from Jacksonville. I had to work but Tony showed them around in Boston. On Saturday they all got up and drove to New York City. Once again I had to work. I guess they had a really good time there as the 2 aunts had never been to a really big city. They got back yesterday afternoon and we hit the mall. Came home and had a big Sunday dinner and that was that. A quick but pleasant trip. I am sorry they are gone but glad to have my house back.


Mom on Coffee said...

The outlets in Kittery are AWESOME!!! Freeport is really nice too. I love me some shopping!!! I'm glad you had such a great time!

Sarah said...

sounds like a great visit!