Monday, January 15, 2007

Sleep aways

Terrell had his first sleep over on Saturday night. He was at his best friend Isaiah's house for his birthday. T said he had a great time and of course he had no problem sleeping away from home. He is growing up so fast it scares me sometimes.

My HSG is tomorrow morning and I am dreading it. I remember how uncomfortable I was after my first one. This one is sure to be worse because a stranger will be doing it instead of my regular doctor. I am anxious but luckily my BFF Susan is going with me. Thanks Susie Q.

I spent the weekend at work, first I worked Saturday night and Sunday morning but then the weather people had me scared. They kept talking about ice and snow and freezing rain so I thought it best to stay put. I watched the Pats game in the bar with a bunch of our regulars and it was a blast. Then I went to bed nice and early. I slept like a rock and it was awesome. I am up early everyday this week except Thursday. Thursday is the next installment of my gum surgery. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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