Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am feeling better today. My jaw is sore as hell though. It feels like I got a good right hook to the face. Tony and Terrell leave in the morning for Florida. T is so excited about seeing his great grandma and all his cousins. I am excited and sad all at the same time. I can't wait to have a few days to myself but I know I am going to miss him desperately.

We are now in the 2ww. It will be interesting to see if I am pregnant this month. I just don't feel it. It is like I want it to happen but I am tired of all the rigamarole involved in getting there. It is just like I don't care on way or the other. We have one more month to try with my OB and then it is off to the RE. I am really not sure if I want to go that route. We do have some money saved up but I really don't want to spend it on trying to get pregnant. Who knows we will have to see what happens.

Oh yeah just 3 weeks until my birthday!

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