Thursday, September 28, 2006

Freaky Stuff

Something freaky happened last night. I got home from work and had been watching TV for about a half hour when all of a sudden I hear a noise. It was a toy that Terrell has. It's name is Bubba and it talks. Freaked me right the fuck out, it went off then it was fine and quiet for awhile. All of a sudden it started going off again. Saying things like Hey did you see that? There is something under the bed, let's look, closer closer closer BOO! At that point I had enough so into the kitchen we went to take out the batteries. Would it freak you out if I told you he spoke after the batteries came out?

At work last night one of my co workers boyfriend called the hotel. When I heard it was him on the phone I said oh. He says to me oh I guess you don't want me there either. I told him it was not my place to say that. He then asked me what I really thought of him and them together, so I told him. If she was my daughter I would get her as far away from you as I possibly could. You are a bad influence on her and you need to go to anger management classes. You need to start taking care of your own shit before you try to have a relationship with someone. I don't know if he understood where I was coming from but I am happy that he did not argue with me and seemed to really listen. I bet he will think twice before asking someone that question again.

I have signed up for this new cool thing that will be launching soon. It is called eXlinks, I am pretty sure the guys who launched blogmad are the ones doing this too. Their isn't to much info yet but I juust know it is going to be cool. If you want to sign up go here.

BTW the thing did not talk after I took the batteries out. But it would have been weird.

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