Sunday, July 09, 2006

George's Island

We spent Sunday doing a little family stuff. We took Terrell on his first ever boat ride. We went to George's Island in Boston harbor. George's is the home of Fort Warren which has been used for a civil war fort and prison. Tony and Terrell walked all around the fort and stuff but I just relaxed and read my book. It was so nice to just hang out together and T really liked the boat ride. We had a little picnic and enjoyed the view. Terrell is so tired now he is acting all silly and touching his toes to his nose and giggling up a storm. I bet he sleeps good tonight.

I can not wait for my sister to get home from out Dad's house. I miss her so much, it is weird not being able to talk to her whenever I want too. I kinda wish I could have went with her, it would be nice to see where my Dad lives and go visit my sister Kassy.

Oh yeah something I did on Friday was opened my savings account. It is a passbook account so I can keep it from Tony and save up my own money. I want to be able to show him that I can save money too. On a side note my boobs are tender, could be cause my AF is coming soon or maybe not. Only time will tell.

This is the Liberty Clipper a tall ship that you can do a harbor tour on here in Boston.

The Boston skyline

TnT they are dynamite!

Me on the boat.

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