Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Topsfield Fair

Well today was our annual trip to the Topsfield fair. We had a great time but boy it was hot! It isn't suppose to be hot at fair time, this is what I consider the beginning of fall. T took a pony ride and petted a bunch of animals in the children's zoo part. We saw cows and bunnies of course. When we were in watching the horse shows T was so excited, everytime the horse would go through the obstacle he would clap. It was so cute. We saw this guy nicknamed Tbone do a kids show that Terrell loved. He danced and played the whole time. He was really good and I bought T the tape so we can listen in the car. He had so much fun today and was such a good boy today. I just love spending time with him doing all the fun stuff we can.He had corn dogs, honey sticks, fried dough and chicken fingers with fries today. Oh yeah and pumpkin pie too. Yummy! I got suckered in a bought this thing for my dryer. It is like 2 hard balls that you use instead of fabric softener sheets. We will see how good it is. Susan got suckered into buying it too. Mike and Juliana came and it wasn't too bad at all. Mike got cranky at the end because the man never ate all day. Oh yeah got my green tomatoes to make my fried green tomatoes with on Monday. I can't wait, they are so good. T is tucked out and feel asleep on the ride home. I had to change his diaper in his sleep and he is still passed out. Pictures coming soon I promise!


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