Monday, October 17, 2005

Doctors appointment

Terrell went today for his 2½ year well child checkup. All is well with him, he is 32 ½ pounds and 37½ inches tall.He is in the 75th%, His BMI is 16. I had no idea that they did BMI for kids this small. The doctor said it starts at age 2 now. T did have to get his lead checked and a hemocrit I think it was called. It was a pinprick in the finger as you can guess he did not like that too much. After the doctor we came home to check out our new couch. I love it, it is so very comfy and much nicer than what we had before. WE just hung at home most of the day then went to the park this afternoon for awhile. Terrell had a blast, remember it has been raining here for 9 days so it has been awhile since he could play outside. He went up to the top of this big corkscrew slide about a million times and we played on a seesaw together. That was so much fun. After the park we went to mickey D's for dinner then home for bath and movie time. WE popped up some kettle corn and started to watch Small Soliders but T fell asleep on the couch. It was a perfect day with my little guy.


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