Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Seriously ticking me off

My husband is lucky to be alive today. Last night I got a call from the lawyer, he thinks we are at the end of the road with the settlement and we are most likely getting $30,000. Nothing to sneeze at for sure, so after paying the lawyer we will have $20,000 give or take. You figure after taxes probably $14,000. Now Tony decides he has a friend who does he own taxes and he is going to talk to him about ways to get around paying so much money. Ummm Hell to the no! I said who are you planning on talking too? He got really shitty with me and it evolved into a argument in front of T during dinner. I am sorry I know we are married but excuse the hell out of me for wanting to know what kind of "investigating" you are doing. At one point I said to him it is my money and boy did that not set well with him. It is my money no matter what he thinks, he was not the one harassed and fired for being pregnant. I was! It did not end well and I am still really mad that he treated me like an idiot. I am a grown woman asking intelligent questions about what you are planning to do. In the beginning he says to me we will just pay the taxes at the end of the year with a payment plan again like we had to do one year. Ummm no, that was the worst owing the government money. We will be paying it right up front and if he don't like it he can take his half that somehow he feels is his and stepoff. I am tired of arguing about money with him. I really feel us drifting apart and I don't know how to stop it. If we had another bedroom I would be sleeping there. Sometimes I think he is clueless about my feelings. This past March I was so unhappy I was ready to ask for a separation and I am starting to be really unhappy again. I just don't know what to do.

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