Monday, September 05, 2005

Only Child?

Well September 1st came and went and it took a few extra days for me to get Tony alone long enough to talked about having more kids. He said not right now, we can't afford it, I want to wait until we are out of the apartment etc. I said you understand what I told you before? I am gonna be 35 it took 2+ years to get knocked up with T, I needed drugs and I had to take bloodthinners and have major surgery. If we are gonna do this I want to do it now not later. He is holding his ground. He does not agree with my decision but understands this is my body and only I have the right to decide when I am done having kids. I see my GYN on THursday and we will see about scheduling the appointment for the tubal.I am not going to go through with the tubal until I know 100% in my heart I am all done.If this IUD keeps AF away I may just go with this for awhile. I am not sure how I feel about T being an only child but at the same time I kinda always knew that I was only gonna have one more. I thank god everyday for blessing me with Terrell. I am lucky to have him.

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Anonymous said...

my decision on why I had two, was because if my husband and I passed on, our daughter would have no blood relatives left--other than cousin(s) and uncle and aunt. When people get older, it is their brothers and sisters that they can count on more each year, I wanted to make sure that our daughter had that. But, they sure do fight like cats and dogs now!!! Good luck convincing your husband.