Thursday, September 15, 2005

50 Things about T

  1. He is one month shy of being 2½
  2. He has dimples
  3. He sometimes snores when he sleeps
  4. He loves football
  5. He loves the RED SOX
  6. He knows that the Yankees are the "evil empire"
  7. He has the sweetest laugh I have ever heard
  8. Dora is his current favorite TV show
  9. Finding Nemo is his favorite movie
  10. He has been sleeping on the couch lately
  11. He is starting to like video games and always wants to play with Daddy
  12. He gets mad when he doesn't get his own way
  13. He crawls into my bed every morning for cuddle time
  14. He would live in the bathtub if we let him
  15. He got his first bottle of Mr. Bubble today
  16. He loves the mall even if Mommy hates it
  17. He is gonna be a chicken for Halloween
  18. Yellow is his favorite color
  19. Even at 2 he trys to tell jokes
  20. He will answer you wrong and crack up because he knows it is the wrong answer
  21. He knows his left hand from his right hand, how I have no idea budding genius maybe?
  22. He loves to go to work with me
  23. Mac and Cheese is his favorite food
  24. He calls lemon slush a lemon id
  25. Broccoli is his favorite veggie
  26. He will tell us his tummy hurts and let out a big stink fart and try to blame it on his father
  27. He still talks about Colorado ( he went in June)
  28. He is obsessed with airplanes
  29. He thinks babies can be bought at Target
  30. He likes the Simpsons
  31. and King of the hill
  32. He loves to go to the library
  33. He likes going fishing with Daddy
  34. Today he sang "rain rain go away"
  35. He is a big ham and loves getting his pictures taken
  36. He has a short fuse sometimes
  37. He throws things when he is mad
  38. He is forever poking my boobs
  39. He wants me to paint his nails all the time
  40. Chocolate milk is a big hit with him
  41. Grits are not
  42. He does not like over easy eggs
  43. He loves his daddy so much sometimes he tells me to go away
  44. When he is sick or hurt he only wants me
  45. He does not like totally darkness
  46. He will tell you I too scared mommy
  47. He does not know how to put the covers over himself in bed yet
  48. He likes to play games online at with mommy
  49. His best friends are Isaiah and Kevin
  50. He likes riding in aunties big blue truck!

1 comment:

snoopy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww SO CUTE i'm like totally in love with him!! *sniff sniff* what a blessing :)