Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bad Blogger

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. As you may remember I do have my BIL Mike here from Florida and it has been hard to do everything that needs to be done with an extra person around. He is leaving Tuesday morning bright and early. I have still been working and trying to care for the house as well as entertain people. Last Wednesday we went out for karaoke at my job. Thursday I had corned beef and cabbage for 7. Plus people have been dropping in almost everyday. We went to Tracey’s one night for dinner. She came here another night. You know just really busy.

Terrell is talking up a storm now. It is so strange to hear all these words coming out of little mans mouth. He calls Mike my. Very cute and it made Mike’s day. Mike actually watched him 2 days while he was here when I had to go to work. He asked to do it! He said he wanted to spend some time with his nephew before he went home. Awwww.

Tracey’s third IUI looked like it was a success but unfortunately her beta Monday was 23, Wednesday it was 26 and Friday it was down to 0. She is very very upset. I cried when she told me. He and the RE have decided after the Lap in April she is going to go straight to IVF. Tracey if you read this I am so sorry that this attempt did not work out. I am always here for you no matter what. Love you girl.
65 days until my vacation. Not that I am counting or anything. Hee hee. My sister went to see Dad this past week cause her kids were on spring break. She came home with tons of pictures from when we were little. One is a newborn pic but we don’t know if it is her or me. It doesn’t really look like either one of us. I will try to post it later if I can. Anyway time to prepare for work yet again.

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