Sunday, October 02, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes

Terrell is a little parrot and boy did I hear an earful yesterday. He was playing PS2 some racing game Tony has, anyway before that he had been playing some game not apropriate for a 2 year old. So I take a turn at the racing game and T says Momma that car is pissed off. T what did you say? That car pissed off momma. Terrell where did you learn that word, I just knew he was gonna say either me or Tony but he goes on the shooting game momma. I shot Tony a death look and said umm do you think he should be playing that? So no more shooting game. Thank goodness. It seems no matter what you do to keep toy guns from boys they find a way to learn about them anyway. I can't believe Tony let T play that game. I really have to get some PS2 games that are age apropriate. Got to work again today but then I am off for 3 glorious days. We are going to the fair of Wednesday and that should be fun. I promise to start blogging more it just seems like on days that I work I just don't have time. Anyway have a nice Sunday.


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